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FF Pipes & Tobacco is located in Randers on the peninsula of Jutland in Denmark. It was established in 1932, but was a cigarshop even before that. I, Inge Klith, bought the shop from Tonny Lassen in 2002 and I am only the fourth owner of FF Pibes & Tobacco. It was my grandfather and his brother, A.P. Andersen, that started the shop in 1932.

We are proud of being the first Danish web-tobacconist and look forward to doing business with pipesmokers from all over the world.

We know that pipes in Denmark sell for far less than in other countries - especially Danish manufactured pipes. We are particulary strong on Stanwells but also have lots of lesser known Danish brands as well as a good selection of Savinellis, Dunhills and many more. We hope to be competitive on "foreign" made pipes as well but judge for yourself. Please notice that you buy taxfree if you live outside the European Union - you thus have 20% off the shop price.

As you probably know Denmark is considered the "pipe capital" of the world. Since World War II we have had some very innovative pipe makers and pipe factories that have strongly influenced pipe smoking worldwide. One of the reasons for the popularity of pipes in Denmark is the price on pipe tobacco which still is relatively cheap compared to cigarettes. Another reason is that Danes are relaxed people who enjoy all the pleasures of life including good tobacco.

We hope to live up to our local reputation as a shop with good service and reasonable prices. Contact us on email if you have any questions about pipes and tobaccos. We look forward to hearing from you!
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